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Hotel Front Desk Management: Software, Encoder, and Handset





The intelligent hotel lock management system is a high-tech product. The lock system adopts up-to-date technology using electromagnetic waves for start up and communication. It not only contains stable capability and super functionality, with a microcomputer intelligent control unit inside of the lock, but also has high security with multi-function intelligent door lock for hotel management. It’s very suitable for use in hotels, governmental departments, banks, warehouses, offices, or any where that requires security and permission access with time frame. This system is compatible with most RFID and Smart ID card read electronic locks.

This system is compatible with most RFID card read electronic locks. You can program ID cards to work with locks. It also can retrieve the log of a lock and let you know who has locked or unlocked the door. It will also let you know if any unsucessful unlock attempts where made. The software is installed in a PC and works as a central control station. Handset communicates with PC via supplied USB cable and communicates with individual locks via wireless RF channel. The ID card programmer is attached to PC with USB cable to program ID cards.

The system management software for the lock can run with WINDOWS 3X and above versions, including Windows Vista.  Applies a 5-level management mode which surpasses the traditional 3-level management mode. The system can provide card-making management with twelve levels to satisfy any requirements you may need. It has additional functions such as time-limit, and channels to every form of intelligent card.





       System communication:

  • Handset connect with computer: USB connect.
  • Handset communicate with door lock: electromagnetic wave wireless communication or Smart ID programmer.
  • Reader connect with computer: USB connect.

System software:

  • Multi-language edition auto-adapted: The software can auto change the language edition according to the current operating system and also can be selected by user according to real need.
  • Screen distinguish rate auto-adapted: The software can auto change the surface of software according to the current screen distinguish rate.
  • Independent management setup for ease of setup.

Lock type:

Door locks under this hotel system can be divided into the following five lock types. Each type can be set up by handset any time.
  • Room lock: Installs on the door of guest room.
  • Floor lock: Installs on the door of a floor.
  • Building lock: Installs on the door of a building.
  • VIP lock: Installs on the door of public rooms, like doors in gymnasium, amusement room, sauna room, etc.
  • Sub lock: Installs on the door of sub room.

Package Content:

  • One Handset USB communication cable
  • One ID programmer with communication cable
  • One Software DVD
  • One Smart ID Programmer

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