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New Combo Linear and Circular Quad LNB (Same as Invacom QPH-031)




Linear and Circular Quad LNB

This LNB will work:

  • Bell ExpressVu satellites
  • Dish Network satellites (does not work for 118.8W Anik F3)
  • DirectTV satellites
  • FREE TO AIR satellites
  • 4 Fully Switched Output CP/LP LNB

This LNB is for the simultaneous reception of Circular & Linear Satellites at the same orbital position.
2 outputs Linear polarized (V & H) switched
2 outputs Circular polarized (LHC & RHC) switched

Input Frequency

FSS Band (Linear polarization)       11.7 - 12.2 GHz

BSS Band (Circular Polarization)    12.2 - 12.7 GHz


Output Frequency

FSS Band                                         950 - 1450 MHz

BSS Band                                         950 - 1450 MHz


Noise Figure

0.3 dB typ


50 - 60 dB

Gain Ripple

26 MHz bandwidth                                   <+/- 0.5 dB

CP Band                                                   <5 dB typ

LP Band                                                    <5 dB typ


Local Oscillator Frequency

Low                                                          10.75 GHz

High                                                         11.25 GHz


Local Oscillator Phase Noise (typ)

1kHz                                                       -65 dBc/Hz

10kHz                                                     -95 dBc/Hz

100kHz                                                   -110 dBc/Hz


Local Oscillator stability

+/-1 MHz typ

Current Consumption

One Receiver                              

Less than                                                  100mA typ

Each Additional Receiver                           5mA typ



Image Rejection                                        >40 dB

LP Cross Polar isolation                            > 30 dB

CP Cross Polar Isolation                           > 23 dB


LP Cross Polar isolation                            > 30 dB

CP Cross Polar Isolation                           > 23 dB

Two Tone 3rd Order intercept point (output)

>10 dBm

Output Connector

4 x female F-Type

Operating Temperature Range

-4C to +70°C

Storage Temp Range

-4C to +70°C

Band Polarization Selection

Signals applied to F-type connector

Ports 1 & 3 L

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